This Isn’t a Fairytale

I remember the day that the taste for war first appeared in my mouth. My building leaders had traveled to Washington D.C. in protest to the bias of standardized testing and the unfair distribution of funds/ aid to the inner city. With the lack of resources to keep black inner city youth on track, the lack of availability of highly qualified teachers, and the overwhelming biases saturated with white privilege reeking from the standardized tests, it did not seem possible to close the widening achievement gap.

When presented with these arguments, congressmen (women), including the ones that we in the state of Michigan elected made a statement that nearly a decade later still gives me pause….. “ We do not expect all of “them” to pass the standardized tests.” Our leaders were rendered speechless. When we were at the staff meeting and this information was presented, all I could feel is rage.

With all of the propaganda, and everything riding on schools meeting Annual Yearly Progress (AYP), which disregarded student growth in any other area aside from the unfair standardized tests. Tests in which the qualitative sections would not even be scored by educators. Tests in which the point of view of students who lived below the poverty line did not represent. This was an assault on schools within Detroit, both public and charter alike.

The decision withdraw a huge amount of funds from the budgets of all of the schools, cut our staff, and remedial programs made the fact that our students… my people were going to be the casualties of these decisions. My purpose in creating this particular blog, is to highlight my personal experiences and struggles while engaged within this war over the years.

It is my hope that it will educate you and inspire you…. To fight as well.


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